Joshua has been a member of the Carlson Gracie Team since 2016. Since his first official class Joshua knew this was the passion he had been looking for. He began training competitively since and has competed in the Miami International IBJJF Open, UAEJJF and BJJ Tour. His passion for helping the kids began last year as he realized that helping the kids also helps him learn and encompass the techniques taught daily. He hopes to continue growing and evolving in his jiu-jitsu journey and one day become a black belt under Master Buiu.


bjj blue belt

kids assistant instructor

Michel Porfirio Pereira (Buiu), Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, he began judo at the age of 5.His family moved often and after a few years he could not continue Judo classes. In 1989, his family moved into a safer area and he found a karate school that offered Martial Arts - Shoto Kan. His karate master, Paulo Goes, gave him an opportunity to teach beginners, with great success he eventually began giving students private lessons and quickly became friends with everyone in the area of Leblon, a neighborhood in Rio. In 1992, two of those friends, Francisco Albuquerque (Toco) nova geracao bjj and Rodrigo Medeiros bjjrevolution team were Carlson Gracie students and they invited him to learn a new martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
In 1994, now a Purple Belt at Nova Geracao Jiu Jitsu, Buiu became a new instructor with a new mission to help new students become champions, He helped Thiago Asfora, Rafael Nogueira(Batata), Diego Asenjo, Bruno Nahom, Alexandre Pimentel (Pulga), among others to build up their respect as top competitors on the world stage.
In 1999, all of the hard work paid off as he became the 1st Black Belt from Nova Geracao.He received invitations to teach in others cities and spent 3 months in Minas Gerais, teaching in Manhuacu, then at Santa Catarina for 6 months also in Joinville, where he trained and developed champion Ricardo Toscano.
But two of the greatest opportunities came from his hometown. Ricardo Liborio a Black Belt under Carlson Gracie, invite him to teach in his school in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Liborio is a World Jiu Jitsu Champion and nowadays he is the principal coach of American Top Team, so their friendship started since he was a white belt. His duties: were to teach and sign up Liborio's school in tournaments, promotion material, payments, and advertising’s. It gave him a chance to teach his techniques to all of their students and build a strong relationship as well.
The next great opportunity to come was when he began teaching Jiu Jitsu in the slums of Dona Marta in Botafogo. Some of his students were characters in the movie "City of God" and "City of Man", Darlan Cunha and Douglas Silva. In 2001, he started the project Educating Children for the Future. The impoverished children would train Judo and Jiu Jitsu for free everyday (300 children). Gama Filho College paid for the children’s apparel and reimbursement for his time.
The project suddenly stopped in 2004 when the government cut funding but he continued to teach due to his love of jiu jitsu and continued desire to help the children. He changed their young lives by taking them off the streets and away from the drug trafficking.
Although he continued to teach, without the financial backing from the government, his financial situation became bleak and was forced to stop going to Dona Marta.
Two years later he finds himself in the US looking to share his Jiu Jitsu knowledge in the United States. His first stop was at the Spear Jiu Jitsu Academy in Germantown, Philadelphia in 2006 with his close friend and student a Jiu Jitsu World Champion Noah Spear. In June 2007, he moved to Miami Beach to change adolescent and adult lives teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with friendship, discipline, respect, education and peace, eventually, develop a similar project here. Some of the places he taught at were:
October 2007 ( 8 months) taught at Spirit In Motion. November 2007 (1 year) taught at American Top Team South Beach and finally he opened his own School, Carlson Gracie Miami



Sergio was born and raised in Maracaibo Venezuela. He played music until the age of 13 and was always involved in sports. He competed in soccer until the age 12. Sergio started training MMA at the age of 15 in which he found his love for Jiu-Jitsu. He got invited to Carlson Gracie Miami by a friend in 2012 and fell in love with the vibe and energy of the place. He competed in his first tournament under the Carlson Gracie Miami Team when he was only 16 and hasn't stopped since. 
With his dedication and persistence, he received his blue belt at the age of 17 and the purple belt at age 21. Over the past 2 years, he has been devoted in assisting the kids program to help each child evolve and grow in the sport. His goal is to provide a positive change to all of the Carlson Gracie Miami Kids. 

4th Degree Black Belt
Certified by IBJJF
Head Instructor



Our kids Program will change and enhance your child with a host of positive mental and physical skills that will help him/her in school, at home and in life. As your child will learn to succeed, you’ll see a new kind of discipline emerging. the kind that will positively affect all areas of his or her life. You’ll notice your child developing an increased respect for him/herself and others. This transformation will help your child learn to face and handle difficult encounters at any given moment. our exclusive program will build your child's self esteem in a uniquely positive way. 


Our self defense program focuses on teaching how to manipulate an attacker by subduing him or her with effortless technical moves. We teach a variety of different techniques to prepare anyone from an attack whether you’re on your feet or on the ground.  Kids, teens women and men can participate and gain the knowledge to protect yourself from an unexpected attack.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the most effective self defense system known to man. Being required in basic training in every branch of the U.S. Military, and used and recommended by all law enforcement and government agencies, serves as a testimony to it’s effectiveness. The Gracie Family showcased it’s supremacy over all other martial arts in a competition of styles, which is now known as the UFC. Unmatched by any other style, fighters were forced to incorporate BJJ into their styles, which is now known as MMA, since only BJJ can defend against BJJ. This supreme unmatched art is a science of submission/ ground fighting. Through techniques of balance, leverage, and momentum, it enables one to control and subdue an attacker using chokeholds  and locks. Designed for the smaller person to be able to defend themselves against a larger/stronger aggressor, with the option of not having to hurt the other person. With this program we instill in our students compassion , truthfulness, loyalty, honor, courage, respect, and discipline. It is the backbone of our academy.


Michel “Tarzan” Fernandez has been a member of our academy since 2008 and an instructor since 2009. He has been an inspiring role model for many young kids as he is also a brown belt in Judo. His judo gives him an exceptional advantage in the standup game allowing him to win many tournaments throughout his BJJ career.